More Comments on the LinkedIn LIMS/LI Group Handover

If you’ve been reading this blog or read your announcement from the LinkedIn LIMS/Laboratory Informatics group, you already know I’ve stepped-down from the top spot. I’ve noticed something over the past few days of blogging about this that I wanted to share with everyone else.

Big Numbers
My hit rate is really high in my blog. As those of you who regularly read my blog and articles knows, I don’t take too much stock in these types of numbers. After all, people misuse these numbers all the time to sell their products, claim we want specific features, to try to claim the top spot in the industry, etc… Most of us know enough about statistics to know how easy it is to misuse and misread them, sometimes out of ignorance, other times as a way to be devious.

Something I Know
In this case, there’s something I happen to know that I will pass along to you that I think could be a factor. Notice that I don’t claim it to be a factor, just that I believe there’s a great potential for a high correlation.  🙂

Here it is: people like to lurk. Just because they don’t respond or participate doesn’t mean they’re not reading what you’re writing nor does it mean they don’t care. Those of us who wait for participation sometimes get frustrated and claim to the world “no-one cares” but that’s just a lack of us getting the response we expect (an active one) over the response that people want to give (a passive one).

And so, to those of you out there who are wondering why you don’t get responses from people or who makes wild claims about your own or others’ activities based on the lack of responses, just keep these thoughts in-mind: Human beings are complex. They don’t respond based on some script. We can’t attribute any particular feelings or thoughts to them without knowing something about them.

Tying it Together
So, my thoughts are that my hit rates possibly went up because people have an interest in what’s happening with the LinkedIn LIMS/Laboratory Informatics group. Being the oldest group for LIMS, ELN, SDMS, CDS and the like in LinkedIn and the still the largest non-commercial one. While people don’t participate the way I’d like to see, it doesn’t mean they’re not interested or not paying attention to what’s happening with the group. And if you wonder what my stake in this is to keep talking about the group, while it was easier than I thought to hand the group over to a new team, it’s not so easy to just stop caring about it. I still believe in this group as a way to get people in our industry helping each other out and discussing the important industry topics.

Please continue to support this group by your participation and by telling everyone you know how great this group is and sharing this link with them:
This is an open group. This means that everyone can read the posts. However, it doesn’t mean you can reply. If you want to participate, you have to join the group, which requires joining LinkedIn (join with a free membership).

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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