Over the past year or so, I keep having the same experience over-and-over again. As I attend conference sessions or talk to customers with regard to tablet computing I hear exactly the same things, but from different people and companies.

Those companies that have decided they need to use an iPad in the lab end up giving a presentation or telling me that it’s a great idea, they can’t wait for it to work, but they haven’t been able to get it implemented, yet. And sometimes, time passes, and they give exactly the same presentation about how they’re “almost there” but that they still have a lot of programming to do to get the wireless network, label printer, or anything else working with the iPad. So far, I haven’t heard a success story.

On the other side, those companies who merely decided that they would move forward with whatever tablet was appropriate for their needs based on features and price and would work with the standard hardware and networks — they keep giving success stories.

As so often happens, companies sometimes pick things not based on true requirements. Having an iPad isn’t really filling a need. Being able to do your work when you don’t have space on the work bench for a PC is more like it. Then, for the companies that want the iPad that badly that they give up on the things that really would make them more productive, I guess all we have to realize is that they have different priorities than the others. Where many companies are being pushed to be more efficient and do more computing in more places, those that don’t have that pressure don’t have to take that into consideration.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

One Thought to “Yet More on the Sample Tray (I Mean iPad)”

  1. Great point of view! I can only confirm this perspective and add a twist of “salt to the soup” – in the labs you normally work with gloves. So if you need a “click yourself through the batch protocol” GUI you will have problems with all capacitative displays. On top of that iPad does not support mouse interface, so what do you do? Take off your gloves after each pipetting to simply recognize electronically each step? Naaaaaaaaa.

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