Where to Find LabWare LIMS Product Tips

The other day, I made a post about the activity in the LinkedIn LabWare LIMS Professionals group:

A few of us have started to discuss what could make the group useful. For the experts in the world, there are never enough places to find answers to our questions, for one. Once you get to a certain level of expertise, your questions are so difficult, that it’s unlikely you’ll find the right person in the world to answer it, if there is any answer. Thus, the more places to post, the better.

We discussed a few other things that could be useful, too. For one, we thought we could post occasional tips. Right now, I’ve posted a couple tips that apply more to the junior people but I’m just trying to inspire others to get started with this and am just posting whatever tips come to mind, first. If you’re interested in these, you’d have to join both LinkedIn (which is free) and the group (the group moderator sometimes takes a while to admit people but I don’t know that he doesn’t admit anyone):

With this, I know it’s mainly up to the experts to post tips. But, hopefully, if we can attract other experts, we’ll have more people who will be able to answer my hard questions, some day.

But We All Already Know People, So Why Bother With This Group?
Like me, many of you already have your little network of people who you can turn to when you have a problem. Most likely, you e-mail or call someone, if they don’t know, you move to the next person. Even those of you that belong to some of the other discussion lists do this when you have a hard question, knowing that there are really only certain people likely to answer them and they’re more likely to answer if you put them on the spot. But if we could collect those people together, it would be easier for all of us. And, since that includes all of us, then all of us really need to make the effort to participate because by doing that, others know we’re willing to give our time and, thus, they’re then more willing to help us. I can honestly say this has worked for me, because I’ve been generous with my own time and find many people are generous back to me because of it.

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