In Memoriam to Jackie Grubb of Plum Suite Solutions – A Good Example

In the last three days, I made posts to honor a consultant who has helped many other consultants by being a mentor, resource and friend to us. In her honor, I wanted to describe how consultants help other consultants. Today, I get to the point.

The point is this: all week, I’ve mainly been blogging about a single person and the effect she had on my business. While Jackie Grubb was special, there are actually plenty of people I could give a testimonial to in this regard. There are many consultants and small businesses out there that help each other out.

In laboratory informatics, alone, there are plenty of people who will give help to others. However, there are plenty in our industry who are afraid to do this because they’re afraid they’re helping their competition but, seriously, few of us are truly in direct competition with others. Even when we are in direct competition, it’s unlikely that we’re asking for assistance on getting into the same customer, for example.

If Jackie read this, I think she’d be pleased to know how much she inspired others to work together. And so, the next time you have an opportunity to get networking somewhere like IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysts) ( or ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) ( or one of the Boston LIMS/Laboratory Informatics meetings, while you’re on the fence about it, just go – just get there and find out what others have to say and are thinking. Even if they can never directly help you when your own problem comes up and you need help, they might just well have the name of the person who CAN help you.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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