GeoMetrick Enterprises Has Moved

In a previous post, I mentioned that GeoMetrick Enterprises was moving. Now, the move is done. Well, except for the unpacking. As usual, the PC comes out of packing, first.

I mentioned the move in the “Out on a LIMS®” newsletter, which came out, yesterday. While moving is a lot of work, one good thing that always comes out of it is that it brings me back in-touch with people. Some people see my move notice, realize we haven’t talked for a while and contact me. Others realize I’ll be close to them and suggest lunch. I enjoy the extra e-mails I get wishing me well, too.

Meanwhile, I’m relieved that the movers have dumped everything in my office and even more relieved that my PC is working and that I can continue to work. Now, I’m all ready for the post-Labor Day rush back to work.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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