Once again, I’m writing a blog post about a search phrase someone used to find my blog. This time, the phrase is “can i run labware lims on my laptop?”

Technically-speaking, you can run LabWare LIMS entirely off your laptop. Do a full install and you can even use MS Access for a simple startup database.

BUT…you cannot necessarily legally run LabWare LIMS off your laptop, depending on your licensing. For one, you might be out of licenses. Also, different rules might apply to your Development system over your Production system. Every customer can potentially have a different set of rules on this.

If the question is more along the lines as to whether you’re “allowed” to do it rather than whether it is technically possible, you need to read your license agreement and possibly count your licenses.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

2 Thoughts to “Running LabWare LIMS on Your Laptop”

  1. Or they can simply call the vendor and ask them. Technical questions about Labware or any closed, proprietary LIMS outside of directly talking to the LIMS vendor seems a bit strange to me.

    If a customer has purchased a LIMS, why do they feel the need to go to a community to get answers on that LIMS when you can get it straight from the horses mouth. This question about running it on a laptop is a perfect example of this.

    It makes you wonder whether or not the vendor actually has any support folks to help customers.

  2. For the same reason that anyone asks questions from their Google search — because that’s now our habit. And for things like SQL questions, just as one example, you’ll find better information by doing that kind of search than by calling someone.

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