New Picture for Blog and Other Media

Some of you have already noticed that I have put a picture up here in the blog and in LinkedIn. This replaces the picture of the abacus, which I’m still convinced is a good representation of me.

The picture was kindly drawn by Monica Lixandru and comes from the SmartLabs conference I attended a few years ago. Thank you, Monica! Monica is the same person who drew the winning icon for the LinkedIn LIMS/Laboratory Informatics group.

Over the years, several people have urged me to put up a photo but I wasn’t terribly motivated to do so. As a technical person, no-one is bringing me in for my looks and I’ve not had interest in posting a photo. My thought on this has always been this — if someone wants to know what I look like, they can hire my company’s services or they can attend an event that I will be at. I’ll admit that, while I know many people in the industry whom I’ve not met and don’t know what they look like, I do find it fun to meet people to find out.

Since someone has been kind-enough to go through the trouble to draw a picture for me, though, I’m pleased that someone would go through the trouble to do so and I want to show my appreciate by actually using it. For those of you who have asked about a picture, here it is. As I find more places that I need a picture, I will continue to use this one to help each area have the same “look.”

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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