Happy Anniversary GeoMetrick Enterprises

Seventeen years ago, today, and also on a Monday, just like today, I started my company, GeoMetrick Enterprises.

I distinctly remember Friday, March 1st, 1996, as my last day at Fisons Instruments. I also remember the uncertainty and excitement of making a new beginning with my own company. Many customers later, GeoMetrick Enterprises remains a solid resource for those companies looking for expertise.

At the time, not many people were hiring. However, as usual, customer companies were quite interested in experienced resources for their projects. As such, I thought the best course of action toward staying busy seemed to be to start my own company and work directly for customers. Today, this is still the focus of GeoMetrick Enterprises. By doing this, I can always guarantee an experienced resource. I can always tell you whether my company has time and expertise for your project — there is no person in the middle to give a shallow “yes” without understanding merely to land the work. And, as others in the industry will be able to tell you, my word is good — I’m analytical, honest and I do my best to tell you the exact situation we would face, together, should you become GeoMetrick Enterprises’ customer.

I’ll admit things are busy starting year 17, but I hope all of you will make the beginning of year 17 a great one by contacting me to for your system’s work. Sometimes, especially if it’s not a huge amount of work that you need, we can sometimes work out alternative arrangements that meet your needs. Also, being and experienced person, you’d be surprised how often it’s not really a HUGE amount of work.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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