I recently wrote a post on how to get through the crunch for SampleManager resources. I predict things are now going to get even worse and possibly quite soon.

First of all, here were my strategies for getting through the current crunch, where there just aren’t available SampleManager resources readily available and where some companies have a large backlog of work scheduled. Here were my tips:

This past Friday, two things happened. First of all, SM 10.3 was released. That is handy but possibly doesn’t affect the situation that much. It might help drive demand for those of us who now have SM 10 experience, but I don’t know that it will be a large factor.

However, Thermo Fisher Scientific also announced on Friday that they’re showing SM 11 at Pittcon, this week. Those who are at the conference are now seeing this new version that is supposed to have advanced workflow control. I’m hearing that this version will be kind of a game changer.

First of all, don’t feel bad for me that I’m not at Pittcon seeing this because I’m sure I’ll see a demo of it in the near future, somewhere. However, there seems to be some excitement about the features in SM 11. If these features are truly as exciting as what customers are expecting, I expect this to drive the demand for SampleManager people yet more.

My point: If you were trying to get resources and thought things couldn’t get any worse, you might have been wrong. Things might get a LOT worse and it could be sooner than anyone would have expected.

One more caution: I realize that some of you reading these postings are skeptical. You might be thinking that these posts are merely my way to drive you to call me to get my services. If you don’t personally know me, I think it’s always good to stay skeptical of news like this. For those who do know me or who merely know this is all true based on the experiences they’re having, I would give this advice: If you had been thinking about calling me and were kind of hesitating, do it, soon. I usually work on a first-come-first-served basis, and sometimes will help people out if they put a good case to me that they really desperately need my help (e.g., if they’re at the end of the budget year and going to lose the budget if they don’t use it). Just to make it even easier, here’s the GeoMetrick Enterprises contact information:

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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