The focus of every business must be servicing the customers they have. At the same time, no business can exist without continuously looking for new customers. Thus, as with any other business, I am always looking for new customers for GeoMetrick Enterprises.

While there is no feeling like the good feeling I get when a project is finished and a customer has what they need for whatever the work was about, I’ll admit a certain amount of both excitement and trepidation when I get a new customer. I’m excited because, without new customers, I couldn’t stay in business. I feel trepidation because each customer has unique needs. I want so much to be able to add the most value for their money, to ensure that they receive everything they are paying for plus some. When we’re done with our time, together, I want to know that they got great value and that I can proudly remember the work I did for them. In the initial sale, I am already looking toward delivering something that will become their final experience with my company.

When I started my business, I realized I could do a lot for small companies. After all, mine is a small company. If small companies work together, it’s often a great fit, as we understand the needs and challenges of each other. However, over the years, much of my company’s work has been toward working with the large companies. They deserve to get my services as much as anyone else and  I don’t mean that I don’t like to work with them, but I have always wondering how to better link the small services vendors, such as myself, with the small customers who could really use the attention we can give them. Seventeen years and several days later and I still don’t have the answer to that.

In any case, I should mention that my company is now a Thermo partner. It’s not a sales partner. I don’t try to sell their products nor encourage their use in any way, but the fact that my company is a Thermo partner might sound to some like a conflict of interest so I feel the need to mention that just so potential customers know this.

Also, I do happen to be trying to focus on SampleManager services as much as I can. There is such as shortage of people in the Sample Manager services market, right now, that I see this as the perfect time to look for new customers, there. I can offer experience through 10.2 and am well-regarded in my Sample Manager implementation skills. I’ll just be open about this goal because I hope that if I am clear to our community about this it will encourage any customers sitting on the fence about this to know what my plans are. It does not necessarily mean I would turn away new customers in other areas, just that I see this is a big time for my company’s opportunity in the SampleManager space and see it as worthwhile to focus my efforts, there. Also, as a Thermo partner, I will say it’s been handy to have access to all the manuals, software, news items and such. It’s not that I do business differently with that information, but will admit it does make my life easier to have it so handy and I do happen to appreciate it.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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