Those who have been reading this blog, recently, have noticed a big push from me for new customers and specifically pushing people to use my Sample Manager implementation services. That is the purpose of this blog and all the other media I participate in — to promote my business. However, I hear a variety of interesting comments about all this.

Selling Things More Forcefully
If you were to take a course on how to sell, many would mention that there has to be a “call to action.” That is basically what the “call me now” thing is about in some of these recent posts. I don’t make those obvious ploys for your business in every item I write or at the end of every talk I give because it seems obnoxious, but some people actually don’t realize that that is the purpose of every article I write and every talk I give. Experts in selling might tell me I should make this “call to action” every time I write or speak, but I figure I’ll do it once in awhile to remind people that that’s why I’m here. There are plenty of people who read my blog, newsletter or other articles, or who hear me speak, and who don’t realize I’m selling services. Thus, once in awhile, I think a reminder is not amiss. Will I fall into the hard sell? I doubt it. I doubt anyone who knows me will fear that, either.

It Doesn’t Fall Into My Lap
On the other hand, there are those who think that merely by having the blog, newsletter and placement in the industry to get these articles published and to be asked to speak and chair at conferences, that projects just fall into my lap. Some people have told me they don’t call me because I must have so many projects and be so busy that they wouldn’t be able to get my time.

That’s troubling to hear. That defeats the purpose of writing and speaking. I’m doing it so that I can get business. If it gives people the impression that I am just so super-busy that I don’t need to be doing it, then it really does work against me.

Think of it this way: if projects were falling all over me, I wouldn’t need to bother writing or speaking — I probably wouldn’t have the time to do any of it.

The Catch-22
No-one can control what others think. Basically, I write what I think and I mean what I write. It’s hard to control how others do or don’t read more into what I say or write than what is actually there. If I’m aware of it, I can try to make an effort to counteract it, but I can never truly “fix” these issues. Thus, I’m sure there will continue to be people who think I don’t need the business and won’t contact me.

One more issue is that some people who read this blog only do it for the information it gives and never intend to purchase a single service from my company, ever. I don’t have a problem with that, actually. It’s out there, it’s free, and I, myself, do also lurk and read the free information that’s available.

Don’t be One of Them (Call to Action)
So, don’t be one of the people who misunderstand my purpose in writing and speaking. Contact me, today, and you’ll get a free response for a not-so-limited time:  😉

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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