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Quite often, I tell people to look for others who are doing things similar to what they are doing or would like to be doing. I tell them to take that person’s business card and keep in-touch. Along the way, you might be able to help each other. Some of these people will be working with the same software, others will be in a similar business or work situation to you.

As you probably know, this is what I do. My company is small and small companies happen to be more likely to do this as they have fewer resources — we make up for that by knowing where to find people and information. Sometimes, people will be surprised at the things I can find out or know about running my business, the products I work with, and a variety of other things. Part of this has to do with my persistent nature and the fact that, when I want to find something out, I don’t give up on getting the details until I’ve exhausted every idea. Another part of this is that I just happen to know enough people to help me get those answers.

Quite often over the years I’ve had my business, I’ve gotten help and ideas from the other small businesses I know. While many large businesses have helped me, too, and I don’t want to make it sound as if I don’t value that, it is usually mainly the smaller companies who network with each other. When I have a new marketing idea, I tend to pass it by my cronies just to get some kind of reaction and ideas. If they want to put together a new business plan, they might pass it by me to see if I run across anything that is missing or that isn’t explained well. This type of activity goes on quite regularly among us. Few weeks go by that I don’t have at least one of these types of contacts.

That brings me to my next blog post. As it happens, one of the people I keep up with is John Avellanet of Cerulean Associates LLC, a compliance company ( By the way, some of you might have heard John’s name before as his company produces the “Smarter Compliance” newsletter. If you’re interested in reading it, I’ve been given permission by John to invite you to download a complimentary issue at this link: This is only for the current issue, so if you do not download before the next issue comes out, I think this might expire. But if you miss this link, you can just subscribe, right?  😉

Anyway, it so happens I’d been thinking about what to blog about. I realize I’ve been letting a couple weeks go between posts when I’m busy and I don’t like to let too much time go by as I don’t want anyone to think I’ve given up the blog. At the same time, John and I were catching-up on some business discussions we’d be having. At the end of our discussions, John happened to mention that he was so busy that he would like to hear any thoughts I had on work/life balance. So, I thought about it and wrote up a number of tips I’d gotten over the years that have worked for me.

His response was more than just a “thank you” — he immediately told me I should share this in a blog posting (helping me with my own problem at that moment) and even gave a target audience for it. And, in fact, that is in the spirit of the network of people we belong to — that we are looking to share these thoughts to help others as those who helped us have done. I dedicate the next post to John and also thank him for making it an obvious thing for me to do. Sometimes, that’s just the little push each of us needs.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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