Blog Versus Newsletter: Details

Occasionally, someone will ask me why I write both a blog AND a newsletter. While both are meant to both inform and to drive business to my company, their general focus is different, as are the ways they inform.

Newsletter Details

  1. The newsletter is more formal.
  2. It is meant to focus on a topic in a well thought-out manner.
  3. It passes through the hands of a professional editor before it is released.
  4. It is released, monthly.
  5. It has been shortened from its original format to fit a modern screen with little to no scrolling.
  6. It tends to cover general, industry-wide topics, never product-specific topics, so that it will apply to a variety of people.
  7. It is sent via a “push” mechanism. This means that, each time the newsletter is issued, it is sent to its recipients. In this case, via e-mail.

Blog Details

  1. The blog, which you are reading, is meant to be more casual.
  2. As topics come up, I write about them with no particular schedule in-mind.
  3. The posts are written without passing what I write by my editor.
  4. The topics range all over the place, as the mood strikes.
  5. In the blog, I do write about product-specific topics. With that said, this blog is not meant to be a “help” forum for any of the products.
  6. The blog uses both a “push” and a “pull” mechanism. That means, for those people who use tools such as RSS readers, they can merely go to their reader when they feel like it to see if any articles have been added. For others, there is still the e-mail sign-up mechanism so that they can receive the posts as they are posted.

One More Thing
For those of you who do not receive the newsletter and want to compare the two, here is the link to the sign-up for the newsletter sign-up:

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