In the past months, I’d been writing quite a bit of code for SampleManager GHS (Global Harmonized System)  labels on Zebra printers. As of just a few days ago, my office was a disaster. I had labels of all sizes all over the place, extra rolls of label stock and ribbons, and as many as four printers in my office, at one point.

Today, they’re all gone. The office is now devoid of the label printers, the label stock and the ribbons. Plus, I no longer need any examples around and have cleaned-out all the labels I had had spread-out across the office. The piles-and-piles of test labels, bad labels with notes, and other assorted label piles are now gone.

I might have been a bit anxious to finish the labels but, now that the labels are all gone, I kind of miss them with their odd little mechanical faces. Nothing is forever, though, and I’m off to different tasks for 2014.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

One Thought to “No More Labels – My Empty Office”

  1. James

    I always have a broken TLP2844 in sight of my desk, I wouldnt be with out it 🙂

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