“Talk about SampleManager 11.”

Sadly, I’ve had this note to myself for this blog post for months, now. Initially, I had been part of the Beta test and was not at liberty to discuss this new version. Finally, it was released and I’d meant to get back to this post to make some comments on the features in this latest version but never quite came back to it.

Now, it’s probably rather late to be doing this. With TIW coming up in a month or so, depending what part of the world you’re in, those who haven’t received the information through Thermo, itself, will be getting the information, then.

My major stumbling block is that, while there are some nice additions to this version, I’m mainly focused on the new workflows. I just like them a lot. I still think there will be plenty of programming to do with them, but they are setup in a way that I think a lot of people will be able to understand and use. Tricky workflows will require time for setup and for verification of the process, so the time it takes to build these should not be too casually estimated. However, they are extremely handy, I like them a lot and I’m glad to see them.

To me, the first thing I thought of when I started trying out the workflow, though, was “method execution” If nothing else, these workflow look to be the ideal way to ensure method execution, in my opinion.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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