I’d scheduled my newsletter to come out, today, and I started to wonder if my timing was bad as a number of “out of office” responses came back leading me to think that quite a lot of people have left early for TIW (Thermo Informatics World) in Las Vegas.

In fact, some people are gone longer than that, considering that the LabWare CEC (Customer Education Conference) is soon after TIW, leaving those companies who are partners with both vendors and who want to attend both events to be travelling on two successive trips. Then, the Europeans do the same in June, where the two events are one after another, as well.

Without looking, I’d wonder if other major conferences are close at-hand. I suspect that major vendors try to avoid each other’s dates, as there are partner companies that feel a need to attend both. Additionally, certain months are more popular for these types of events than others. Notice that we rarely have events in August, for example, where many people are on vacation and the temperatures are just so terribly hot in so many places. The same goes for December, but that its starting to become so cold and so many people are starting holidays.

Thus, my newsletter goes into a number of e-mail Inboxes unread until a number of these folks return, as I know some of us read just the most important e-mails when we travel, which usually means just customer e-mails. And, as often happens with those e-mails we put-off, they often end up in the trash.

On the other hand, for those people who still haven’t left on their trips, they’ll hopefully read it and remember my company.  Hopefully, my company name will still be fresh in their mind when they attend these events and, when someone else asks who they know to suggest implement their Thermo SampleManager or LabWare LIMS system, they’ll remember me. That’s the other side to the coin and it’s important to me since I will not be at those events to do the “pick-me-pick-me-pick-me” song and dance that we services companies do to attract the attention of the customers.

Bottom Line:  Despite articles that describe what the “good” and “bad” times are to post anything and to have people read it, some of it isn’t entirely straightforward. Sometimes, you just have to send out an article and do your best to pick a time for it.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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