More Articles to Industry Publications to Occur

For quite some time, now, I have been giving any articles I write either to this, my company blog, or to my company newsletter. It’s easier and less time-consuming for me to write for my own publications, for one, plus gives my own publications yet more content, which does directly benefit me.

However, in some recent conversations with SCW (Scientific Computing World)  ( /), they challenged me with something a bit different and I realized they had just made me interested in writing for them – I was interested in the opportunity to do something different than usual. They asked me to write some controversial articles. I’m hoping these will spark some industry conversation.

I’d not previously tried to write anything particularly controversial, so I’m not quite sure how these will work-out, but I’ll be curious to find out what types of responses these articles will elicit.

Note: This publication is not to be confused with Scientific Computing and Instrumentation ( ). They are unrelated publications.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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