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It wasn’t even two weeks ago that I made a post about how many calls I’m getting for leads on system architect positions and I’ve already gotten two more:
On top of that, since that day, I think I’ve had almost one lead per day for jobs and large projects.

I’m not saying this to brag, just to point-out that it’s a busy time of year. If I’m getting these calls, a lot of other people are getting exactly the same calls. Most of us are in LinkedIn and that seems to be a popular place to look when you want to find resources. However, I never take that for granted – if I can think of someone to recommend, I do so, but that’s a different topic.

I think I’d made a post similar to this a couple months ago, where there was just a whole lot of recruiting activity going on for a specific time period around August/September. For the project that contacted me, today, I noticed that it’s one of the same projects that was looking a couple months ago. Some questions came to my mind.

Regarding getting and keeping staff:
When we keep getting contacted by the same projects, is the issue that they are growing, that they have high-turnover and constantly need people, or that they never did find anyone, to begin with

Regarding project size:
When I posted a couple months ago about the companies contacting me, then, and for the projects I’m hearing from, now, they are all larger projects. In all these contacts, I have not heard from a single smaller project in the last round or this one. Where are the small projects? Do the small projects have so little money that they can’t buy any services? Do the small projects just end up having internal people do the work? While I realize that larger projects will have more needs for consultants than small ones, the very fact that I’ve not heard from any small projects makes me think that it’s not just about the sheer number of people needed in the marketplace but in some other factor. What is that factor?

More data:
I’ve received phone calls for all sorts of things – project managers, system architects, business analysts, and probably other areas, as well. They’ve been for LabWare LIMS, LabWare ELN, SampleManager LIMS/LES, and a couple other products. I should add that products like these are favored by the larger projects, to begin with, with also skews the numbers. However, there are plenty of smaller projects using them, too.

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3 responses on “Busy Time

  1. I have noticed this time of year is always the busiest time of year and are actively hiring across the board. I have always wondered if other folks in the industry had the same observations.

    • I would be torn between saying this is the busiest time or with the August/September period. There are actually some budget years that are coming due around that time, as well as the urge for everyone to get back to work after Summer holidays. It might depend on who you work with, too.

  2. Yes, August and September is the start of the season but it really kicks in starting in October and carries through until the end of the year despite the holidays. At least this is my experience. I have noticed this for many years. I wonder what other vendors are seeing?

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