Each year, a variety of people ask me whether I’ll be at the LabWare CEC (Customer Education Conference). Each year I say that I will not attend. Each year, at the point that the first person of the year asks, which has just happened, I find it easier to make a public statement about it, so here are my details.

While my expertise is in the LabWare LIMS and ELN (as well as the SampleManager LIMS / LES), I’m not a LabWare-based consultant nor is my company a partner company to LabWare. As such, LabWare has always been quite clear that I’m not allowed to attend their CEC and solicit business. Even back when they were a customer of mine, they were clear that they would handle subcontracting customers to me – that I could not use their user conferences as a method to solicit my own LabWare customers.

Since attending the CEC is rather expensive and is not nor has ever been a source of business for me, I do not attend it.

Bottom line:   There’s no point is spending what is really quite a chunk of money on something that can’t bring business to my company. Just as the big companies have cut back on spending money on events such as this, so have I, and this is not the only event that I will pass on attending in 2015.

As such, if you’re looking to speak with me about providing my expertise for your LabWare LIMS / ELN system, you will have to contact me, directly at:  Gloria@GeoMetrick.com or +1.781.365.0180.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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