I’m a bit loose in my references to Thermo Fisher Scientific. I sometimes refer to them merely as “Thermo” which is what many people tend to do to company names – to shorten them as much as possible. However, since I do use their name in written communications, I need to stop doing that.

As a Thermo Fisher Scientific Informatics Partner, I do need to be more respectful of their name in the many areas where I post their name. Additionally, I tend to be somewhat lazy about my references to Thermo Scientific’s SampleManager product, sometimes throwing a space in. Personally, I think that a “sample manager” is a person but a “SampleManager” is a product. I do know that and should be careful in my references so that everyone knows which I’m speaking of – a person or a product.

Now, some of you will wonder whether my poorly-controlled references bother Thermo Fisher Scientific. The answer is, “Yes.” As it happens, they occasionally ask me to be a bit more careful with their brands and marks that they work so hard to build. As I work to maintain my own brands and marks so very diligently, I appreciate that they are also working hard on theirs and that I should be more cautious.

But, curiously, for such a huge company, truly one of our industry’s 500-pound gorillas that could squish my tiny company like a grease spot, they are quite generous in their tone and requests to me. Just out of their truly gracious manner toward me, I do want to try harder to be polite to them and their marks and brands so that I succeed in properly referencing them.

First of all, as an industry expert, I should be careful to show that I do know who they are which getting their name wrong doesn’t accomplish. Additionally, being a partner company to them, I really should be more careful out of respect for our partnership. While I don’t fear that they’d pull my partnership over this, I do think it comes across as rude and I don’t think I should be rude to someone I’m trying to maintain a partner-based relationship with (actually, for those of you who know me, well, will know that I tend to try to be polite, overall). Thirdly, if I don’t make this effort with those companies I already partner with, I have to suspect that it might make other companies hesitate from partnering with my company.

As such, I will continue to use the Thermo Scientific brand of products from Thermo Fisher Scientific Informatics.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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