Maybe There’s Hope For Our Projects and Teams, Yet

Some new years bring great hope for better projects and project teams that function more efficiently. This year didn’t seem to be one of them. I began the year feeling jaded about where many industry projects are headed and in the way that teams work together. Speaking with others in the industry didn’t make me feel any more confidence, either. I had the feeling that I was the only person left that wanted to talk about consulting ethics or working together more effectively. Now, while we all know that we’re never the ONLY person who cares, it’s not an easy feeling to shake.

On that topic, I just noticed that one particular blog post I’d made has a resurgence of interest:
While I normally try not to read too much into the statistics of particular blog posts, seeing what is a rather astoundingly-high and sudden interest in an article that focuses on working together better as a team gives me hope. I hope this means there’s a new interest in working together better as a team. I hope that also means that there’s a new interest in running more efficient projects.

Just this morning, I received a newsletter from the Tom Peters Company that included phrases such as “Excellence – No Excuses” and mentioned that teams need to “own the execution” (basically, teams need to take ownership of getting things done on their projects). While I believe strongly in the ideas in Tom Peters’ newsletters, this morning, I merely pooh-poohed it and deleted it. My thought was that you can’t make teams do anything they don’t want to do. I’m not convinced that most project teams are given the authority to “own” anything.

But I then saw what looked like a renewed interest in better team communication and my hope is restored. Well, at least for the moment. Maybe there’s hope for our projects and teams, yet. Maybe 2015 will see fewer failed projects and less crummy deliverables, after all. Hey, it could happen!

Meanwhile, for those of you interested in excellence, take a look at some of the material that Tom Peters makes available:

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