I’m Not Lois Lane


I’m proud of the articles I’ve had published lately in SCW (Scientific Computing World) ( http://www.scientific-computing.com/news/news_story.php?news_id=2685 ) but I’m not Lois Lane” and I’m not trying to be. I write articles to illustrate issues in our industry. I blog to educate, to promote my business and to bring attention to the issues in our industry.

I do occasionally get the impression that people read industry articles and blogs and believe that, just because some of us get published or just because we’re prolific, that we really know what we’re talking about. That’s not true. It means just what it is – that we’re prolific or that we write well-enough to be published.

As usual, I’ll remind everyone reading this that credibility isn’t something that comes from writing a lot of posts. It doesn’t come from getting in a “serious” or “real” journal. It comes from a track record of providing information that tends to be useful and correct.

But, as new people to the industry always ask me, “But how do I know it’s correct or truly useful.” The answer, sadly, is that you don’t. All you can do is be a bit skeptical until you learn enough to know who is giving you good information.

However, with all that said, let me add what all of us writing will say and it is this:
Despite what I just said, you should always read what I write because I’m the #1 expert in the industry, never make a mistake, know everything there is to know, have zero biases, didn’t mean to include myself in this, and I’m just so wonderful that it’s nauseating.  😉

*Lois Lane is a fictional female journalist from the comics who, as a “real” journalist might do, worked to expose things like corruption (in-between fawning over Superman).

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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