Shortages of LabWare Consultants?

I keep hearing about shortages of consultants for LabWare projects. Is this true?

Some Customers Only Go Through LabWare
It’s always hard to say. Just because customers can’t find enough people to work on their projects doesn’t mean that there’s truly a shortage. It could be that they have some restrictions on the consultants they’re using. There are some customers who will only use people sent from LabWare, whether they’re LabWare employees or LabWare partners. And, just because LabWare seems to be hiring people like mad (see their home page, for example) , it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re short of people. LabWare has been trying to replace some of its partners and many of its non-employee consultants over the past years and this is an ongoing effort.

Preferred Vendors
There are also customers who will only use consultants who come from their preferred vendors. Some preferred vendors have no LIMS people, at all, others have very few. Some customers have specialized preferred vendors where they do use firms that specialize in laboratory software personnel and might have a wider variety of resources from which to select.

Available Consultants
At the same time, there are consultants out in the industry sitting praying for some work who aren’t getting any calls. That’s always how it is. There are always some people available at the very same time that we hear there are shortages. There are seldom true shortages just an unwillingness or inability to be flexible about which resources to use.

My Opinion
I personally don’t think there’s a shortage based on the lack of phone calls I’ve received specifically on the LabWare LIMS and ELN software, this Fall. I haven’t received any new leads for LabWare LIMS or ELN business, in the past few weeks. Usually, when there’s a bit of a shortage, it drives up the numbers of new contacts I receive specific to a brand, especially around late-August/entire-September and January timeframes. This Fall, it isn’t LabWare that’s coming into my InBox.

In addition, I’ve heard from more consultants than usual who specialize in the LabWare product who say they’re not getting any contacts for it and are a bit worried, as well.

The bottom line is that I don’t think there’s any shortage, especially with regard to consultants who know not just the base system quite well, but also key modules such as Stability Manager and the ELN.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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