A Cute LIMS Infographic

As a reminder, the purpose of this blog is to promote business for my company, GeoMetrick Enterprises. This is why I write so much about the products I primarily work with, the LabWare LIMS / ELN and the Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS / LES. In addition, I tend to write about the type of work I do, such as design, programming and business analysis.

However, I do actually speak to others in the industry besides merely those whose products I work with. Just last week, someone over at Blaze Systems sent me this Infographic that they seemed particularly proud of. In a way, posting this is just advertising the Blaze LIMS but I thought it was actually a good, quick view of how LIMS (or other products, such as ELNs) can change the way people work:

A couple things:

  1. I haven’t used the Blaze LIMS and can’t comment on it. While I’ve included it in some product selections for customers looking to make a purchase, I have no connection with them or true knowledge of what the system is like to implement.
  2. Going back to the beginning of this post, I’ll remind all readers that this is my blog to promote my company, not a place to advertise your products or services. As such, don’t send me anything because you want me to post it. If I see something that strikes my fancy, I’ll post it, but don’t ask me to post unless you have something compelling to say about it. Even then, you probably still shouldn’t ask.  🙂

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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