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Fairly recently, I’ve had conversations with a handful of LIMS/ELN vendors and services vendors about how they structure teams for customers. Some of them insist that they want people on-site most/all of the project, others stated that they seldom need their people to be on-site for projects, and yet others seem to float in the mid-range of 40-60% on-site.

Overall, there does seem to be a variety of theories both the software vendors and the services vendors have on this issue but the outcome is that there is a great deal of remote work going on, collectively. What additionally got me thinking about the issues of remote teams, besides working on so many of them, is that one of the local newspapers even had an article devoted to this, meaning that it’s not just an issue to our own industry, of course:

With many projects starting up and companies starting to organize their teams, some of which will be 100% remote, here are some past articles on the subject:
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  1. At my company we have a small central office for meetings but pretty much we are 100% remote, even with employees being 10 miles away.

    We are simply more productive. We have hundreds of clients around the world and dozens of employees and even more consultants and many of them I have never met.

    • Actually, a lot of cities how have work hubs where you pay a membership. If you need just a place to work while your own office is being torn-up, need better internet than you get in your regular office, need meeting space, need teleconferencing abilities – there are places you can pay a membership to.

      Here in my extremely high-tech city, we have a number of them. But I also currently went to a training class held in one of these types of places in another city and it was really nice. The equipment was up-to-date and worked, the space was sufficient, clean, lots of power plugs – it wasn’t fancy but it had all that we needed.

      I shouldn’t make this sound like a new thing – these types of spaces have been around for many years, but they’ve just gotten more popular and prolific, lately.

      Along with the latest tools and capabilities that allow anyone to publish, to do teleconferencing, etc…, now, anyone can pay a modest amount an have a meeting room with all the high-tech equipment in it.

      By the way, I’ve had customers whom I’ve never met, some of them actually being less than an hour’s drive away.

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