There are two posts for which I have just changed the title. Normally, I don’t change the titles but I will give the reasons why I agreed to in these two particular cases:

The Safety Video You’d Never Think You’d Need, which is now entitled:  The Safety Video You’d Never Think You’d Need
Reason:  The title is too ordinary. The reason I was asked to post this video link is that it’s a video you wouldn’t normally see but would be useful information and, with such an ordinary title on the post, it didn’t get much traffic. I did agree to try to help spread this safety video and, in order to do that, am changing the title.

LIMSBasic – A Programming Language, which is now entitled: The Negative Effects of Bad LIMSBasic
Reason:  One respondent made a good case that the original title of the post sounds more like a tutorial than what it really is, which is a post to illuminate the issues that can come out of using the tools incorrectly.

Bottom Line:  If you don’t like my posts, you can make a comment and, if it’s mostly polite and basically stays on-topic, I will probably clear the comment to be posted. If there’s something terribly wrong with a post, you can write to me about it. Most of the time, I won’t change it but I’m open to hearing your opinion, at the least. Once in a while, though, and not very often, I MIGHT agree that the post needs a change.

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