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Fairly frequently, I speak with a friend or colleague who wants to write to promote their business but who can’t quite make it over the initial hump to get a stream of published work out there. There are many reasons that people hesitate to get started. Sometimes, it’s merely the issue of setting aside the time to do it, but there are many other reasons that people don’t just start writing to promote their business.

Sometimes, people will tell me they’re concerned that they might have mistakes in what they write. Of course you will! It happens. The only way you can prevent mistakes in your publications is to just not write anything. Here’s a great example – the other day, one of my articles was published in Scientific Computing World and, as soon as it was published, I saw a horrible mistake in it. It was a mistake that made me feel as if knowledgeable readers would think I didn’t know what I was talking about or possibly that I didn’t proofread the article. In fact, that particular article went through the hands of about half a dozen people. There were SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) and editors that had their hands on this thing and there was still a significant mistake in it, plus the fact that I spent an inordinate amount of time with it. With all that work, it still happened – you can’t prevent it.

With that said, please do at least a quick proofread of what you publish and definitely hit it with the spell-checker. My great weakness is that I sometimes make last-minute changes after I’ve spell-checked and that accounts for some of the odd things you’ll see in my writing. All I can say is that I’m trying to reform.  😉

Meanwhile, to the rest of you, remember that getting your message out is about doing your best – about being genuine and about sharing information with others. Being as professional as possible in your writing is also important but don’t let being new to it all stop you. These days, there are plenty of places to write, even if you don’t start your own blog or newsletter as I have done.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

One response on “Get Writing, Folks

  1. I guess, I still just don’t understand all these different venues for posting articles. You have your blog, Linkedin pulse, scientific computing world and other mags, your newsletter and probably a bunch of others that I have missed. Do we really need all these different publishing venues? Groups are different in that it is supposed to be about asking questions and getting answers. Articles on the other hand is about writing something to impart knowledge or information and does not really ask a question. It is pretty much a one way dialogue. I will note that I am posting a reply to your article that never really asked me a question but…. there you go… there is always an exception.

    Speaking personally, I do not want or need all the other venues. I like to simply go to your blog to read what you are writing. I don’t like to shoot off to different places to read your writings. It all just feels scattered to me and causes extra effort. I can see posting a link on the other venues that drive readers to your blog but to post meaningful articles in places other than your blog, does not make sense to me. I think it dilutes your brand and simply serves the other venues and does little to serve you or your blog followers. As a for instance, I have not even bothered to click on the links that take me off to SCW. I prefer to read what you have written on your blog.

    It is the written content that is of value, not the venue. WordPress is a great tool for self publishing and my recommendation is for those who want to write and publish, to do so with wordpress and then license the content under an open access, creative commons license. This will drive traffic to you and not to some other place and will build your brand and the creative commons license will allow other venues to carry your articles with credit back to the author and the originating site. This builds traffic and credit for your work.

    Anyway, this is my personal point of view for what it is worth.

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