As many people tend to do, I also have a tendency to be a bit thoughtful at the start of the New Year with regard to my business and what is in store for it.

I feel particularly fortunate, this year, as I have no true lingering work to do – projects are all basically new. I mean to say that there are plenty of ongoing things to handle (taxes, paperwork, system issues that pop up) but project work is mainly brand new. Thus, I was able to have a peaceful holiday off and feel refreshed. I feel ready to tackle it all. More or less…

This year, I do have new software products to work with. As such, some of the work I’m doing is on products I’ve worked on for years, such as the LabWare LIMS, but some of the projects will be using the tools to which I’m new, such as the iVention LES (Laboratory Execution System). It’s exciting to take on entirely new work but I’m always a bit nervous, as well. I always have the urge to put forward the best work possible to give the customer added value to their project dollars and I always have a bit of anxiety about that when going into an entirely new situation.

As usual, I start the year hoping to encourage robust practices in our work. The word “robust” is special to those of us who are developers as it’s usually used to mean software is not going to easily break. In non-LIMS/non-LES/non-ELN circles, developers still use the word “robust” to really mean the software has been built with repeatable development practices.

“Robust” is a practical term unlike the phrase “best practices” which is actually just a marketing phrase used to sell services – on another day maybe I’ll revise my “why best practices are worthless” discussion but I don’t have the time, right now.

Meanwhile, I hope to talk to many of you, personally, this year, and I hope all your projects go well in the coming year. If we all work toward the goal that 2016 is the “year of the project” where our projects improve significantly, then we can make that happen.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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