Favorite Posts and Articles of 2015

I ran across another blog with a post asking what other bloggers favorite posts of 2015 were. I can’t decide so here’s more than one.

I selected this post because it illustrates an industry problem that readers might not be aware of:  A Problem if You’re Selecting a New Product

This post is important to me because I try to “fight the good fight” against misunderstandings in the elements that affect our projects:   New Product Selection – Programming Generalizations for the Project Planning

Some readers love lists where they can see a handful of tips to help them out. Here’s one:  Five Things to do if You Can’t Find Resources

Here’s a post that merely illustrates my unique point of view as possibly seen by others:  This Negative Technical Person

Here’s a post that just sat around gathering dust and then, suddenly, got a lot of readers and a number of comments:  Who Are Our Industry Influencers?

Other Links
For those of you doing remote projects, I won’t give all the links to blog posts on remote teams and working remotely, but I’ve written quite a number of them in the past years. You can find these by doing a search.

Also, last year and previously, I loved anything I wrote for Scientific Computing World because they somehow make everything I write look better and sound lucid and deep (how do they do it?!). If you’re interested, here they are (you’ll see that there are “more” in the News area):  SCW Gloria Metrick Writings

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