I ran across another blog with a post asking what other bloggers favorite posts of 2015 were. I can’t decide so here’s more than one.

I selected this post because it illustrates an industry problem that readers might not be aware of:  A Problem if You’re Selecting a New Product

This post is important to me because I try to “fight the good fight” against misunderstandings in the elements that affect our projects:   New Product Selection – Programming Generalizations for the Project Planning

Some readers love lists where they can see a handful of tips to help them out. Here’s one:  Five Things to do if You Can’t Find Resources

Here’s a post that merely illustrates my unique point of view as possibly seen by others:  This Negative Technical Person

Here’s a post that just sat around gathering dust and then, suddenly, got a lot of readers and a number of comments:  Who Are Our Industry Influencers?

Other Links
For those of you doing remote projects, I won’t give all the links to blog posts on remote teams and working remotely, but I’ve written quite a number of them in the past years. You can find these by doing a search.

Also, last year and previously, I loved anything I wrote for Scientific Computing World because they somehow make everything I write look better and sound lucid and deep (how do they do it?!). If you’re interested, here they are (you’ll see that there are “more” in the News area):  SCW Gloria Metrick Writings

Gloria Metrick
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One Thought to “Favorite Posts and Articles of 2015”

  1. This was one of my favorite discussions in 2015: https://www.limsforum.com/forum/what-are-the-key-elements-of-the-ideal-laboratory-informatics-platform/

    It was at the top of my list because I feel that configurable and open platforms are the future of LIMS and most all enterprise class software and there were many good comments that got me thinking about things that heretofore I had not considered.

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