It’s definitely not big news that I won’t be attending the LabWare 2016 CEC. It’s been years since I’ve attended one of these. However, around this time, people start asking me if they’ll see me there and, no, no-one will see me there because I won’t be there.

For those of you asking, it’s not that I mind you picking my brain on how best to use the LabWare system face-to-face, for a change, nor that I don’t want to meet you. It’s not even that I have a lack interest in knowing what is going on with the system. For me, however, it’s not necessary for me to attend this event to know what’s generally happening in the LabWare world.

With that, I do tend to contact people to remind them to attend, especially if they’re new customers or if there’s a topic I think would be of particular use to them in the workshops. For those new to the system, it’s an opportunity to get a pile of information about quite a variety of topics. It’s a way to get you thinking ahead to how you will use some of the system and how to approach it.

As such, I did take a look at the agenda, I’m sure people attending will all find something to make the trip worthwhile, even if it’s merely to spend the entire trip playing hooky and seeing the sites. Having briefly skimmed it, most of the topics look like things that most experienced people already know so I don’t feel particularly left-out.

That is, except for the topic mysteriously entitled “HAL.” Since I’ve already seen HAL’s movie, “2001 a Space Odyssey,” I’m sure that missing this topic will be in my best interests because I have enough problems with my ordinary computer (e.g., my latest forays into Windows 10), let alone messing with HAL. If Big Brother is watching, I hope it’s not from the LabWare LIMS / ELN!

But for those of you who are attending this, if you run into anyone who needs LabWare LIMS or ELN services, I hope you’ll mention me.  🙂  And, if you run into HAL, forget you ever knew me!  😉

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

2 Thoughts to “Not Such Big News – Not Attending LabWare CEC 2016”

  1. You definitely should have been at the Paperless Lab Academy this week. If nothing else the weather in Barcelona is great today!

    View of the pool here to make you across the pond jealous:

    1. Well, the weather is pretty great here, too. It hasn’t snowed for an entire week! 😉 But enjoy an extra dip in the pool for those of us who aren’t there, anyway.

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