SampleManager and the Strange Services Environment

I’ve probably mentioned it several times in this blog that I really haven’t been getting customers contacting me to work with the Thermo Fisher Scientific SampleManager LIMS / LES. I know there are ongoing projects that need people but I don’t have any links with them.

Of course, there’s that project at the one company who keeps trying to hire the SampleManager people of the industry like myself who have no interest in taking their permanent job. But let’s leave them out of this particular conversation.

Anyway, I’ve recently had some surprising things happen – I’ve had several recruiters call me about SampleManager work. While I’m usually more interested in dealing with actual end-customers than recruiters even this is possibly a sign that SampleManager services work is picking up (but it’s always hard to know for certain).

The odd thing about this, though, is that they each have said to me that they’re having a hard time finding SampleManager people.

Note to Customers
While I’m not exactly sitting around waiting to get SampleManager work when I could do other things in the mean time, I’ve also had times where I’ve had some availability. In addition, I know I’m not the only company providing SampleManager services that would say that.

It’s not that there aren’t SampleManager people for your project, it’s always some other factor. Possibly it’s the rate, it might be the amount of time you need, or any other number of factors.

I’ll say what I always say – if you can’t find someone for 40 hours/week for the rest of time, split it up into functional blocks and try to assign it, that way. Generally find a way to be more flexible.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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