Back in January, I wrote a post to instruct readers who use the LabWare LIMS /ELN how to keep from losing their static data. Here is that post:  Don’t Lose Your LabWare LIMS / ELN Static Data. That post wasn’t sufficient. Today, I need to add to it.

In my last post, I didn’t mention backup. That’s a key to recovery that you must have.

The reason this comes up is that I ran into a situation where I exported the XML for an experiment workbook. I made some changes and, when the tried to use the experiment workbook to create an experiment, it brought up an entirely different workbook format.

“No problem,” I thought, as I restored from the XML that I had saved. And, when I opened up the re-imported experiment workbook template, guess what….if you guessed that it was restored and I had that “ta da” moment, you’d be wrong! Instead, it was an entirely different template all together.

So, restoring from the XML didn’t do it, in this case. This is where having another backup was important.

Follow Careful Procedures
But, as before, be extra careful when you import not to accidentally move to the next record and save something unintended. For more on that, see the link to the previous blog post that I gave, above.

Gloria Metrick
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