Yesterday, I made a post regarding the addition of services here at GeoMetrick Enterprises: GeoMetrick Enterprises Adds Services: Welcome to Dr. Slomczynski

I’m sure there will be some questions about this. These obviously aren’t FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) since this just happened but are questions I anticipate receiving based on past experience:

Question:  Will other services be discontinued?
Answer:  No, all other services currently offered are still being offered. I am still using my twenty years of LabWare LIMS (and now ELN) experience with customers, still working with iVention LLC as their Purveyor of Solutions, and still working with customers to solve their problems.

Question: Will Dr. Slomczynski be making posts to this blog?
Answer: Our current plans are that he will make his posts to LinkedIn. After all, this blog has to do with LIMS, ELN, LES and other laboratory informatics software and he will be working more in the area of science, at this time.

Question: Why doesn’t this information show up on the GeoMetrick Enterprises web-site?
Answer: Because I’ve been lax in updating my web-site. I’ve been spending my time with the blog, my customers and with other marketing tasks. I’m making no guarantees that I will get back to what needs to be done in the web-site any time in the near future.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

One Thought to “Questions Answered: Services Not Discontinued and Blog Staying the Same”

  1. I suggest that postings made to Linkedin are replicated to your blog. Your blog is read by many different people I am sure and it does not hurt and is not confusing to have guest bloggers share information that is important to a diverse group. People have more interests than just simply LIMS and LIMS touches many aspects of the lab so those aspects are great to cover. Also, it just makes the blog that much more interesting.

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