Where Did ScienceSoftwareBlog.com Go?

Recently, someone sent me the link to http://sciencesoftwareblog.com/ suggesting that I read one specific post. However, the blog is suddenly gone.

Apparently, the blog post suggested that software in the laboratory informatics industry sells itself too hard as having mainly out-of-the-box functions, where many of the features tend to require complex programming (including the ubiquitous programming we all do). That is the general impression I got about the post.

Neither the person who sent this to me nor the person that sent it to him know where the blog came from or what happened to it. If anyone knows the ownership of the blog, can send along the post so that I can read it, or just generally tell any details about it, I’m curious to read the post and there’s now at least a small contingent of us that are curious to know what happened to the blog.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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