I have a LinkedIn update that mentions “iVenion” and, as a few of you have mentioned to me, that is not the correct spelling of “iVention.”

Last week, I posted an update in LinkedIn and was not as careful with my proofreading as I should have been, thinking that, if I made a mistake, that I could change it and a new update would go out.


I saw the mistake after I hit Save and immediately changed it but, not only was it too late for the update that went out, but a change update didn’t go out, separately.

In any case, back to the real purpose of the change: over at iVention US, we re-discussed my role. While I’m not actually doing anything different than before, we did want to better describe what I’m doing with them. Even though the “Purveyor of Solutions” title was a lot of fun, it didn’t serve any good purpose, it turns out. The phrase “Advisory Board Member,” while not 100% descriptive of what I’m doing, either, does serve our true purpose more fully – which is to alert other software vendors that I’m working with iVention US to determine markets and do business development. While I’m doing other things, as well, this is the part that other software vendors might want to know about.

In any case, my apologies to everyone at iVention for the misspelling but they must already know was a mistake because they’ve seen me spell it correctly for quite a while, now.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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