Despite going off to take a full-time job, I did say I was going to keep working on updating the GeoMetrick Enterprises web-site. There are a few reasons that I’m taking the time to do this.

My Reasons For Adding More Work to My Already Full Plate
First of all, Dr. Slomczynski is still working on his SOPs, method development and related services through GeoMetrick Enterprises. For him to continue to do that, the web-site does need to be as up-to-date as possible.

Another reason is that it’s just in my nature to fiddle with these things. So, this weekend, I wrote some PHP and CSS. Before you ask, no, before yesterday, I had never done either one, before. That’s just part of running a small business; i.e., when you need something done, you figure out how to do it, yourself.

Now, with all that said, if you had seen the web-site, recently, and looked at it, now, you might not notice many changes. I figure that, if I incrementally attack this, I will eventually make a difference. What I now have working is that the buttons on the home page now actually show the blog posts for “Out on a LIMS” and “HPLC’N You” but they do look ugly, I’ll admit. Still, being there and ugly is better than not being there, at all, in my opinion.

When You Shouldn’t Do-it-Yourself
This actually brings me to another issue from my past of running my business: friends of mine couldn’t figure out why I hired a website designer and webmaster. They didn’t understand why I didn’t do it, myself. After all, HTML is easy to learn and, like many of them, I do know other markup languages. So, for anyone out there who knows a markup language of any kind, it’s easy to learn another because you’ll understand the concepts of it. But the issue for me wasn’t learning HTML but in creating a decent design. Anything I’ve designed comes out fairly ugly and I recognize this issue. Any customer who has had me create a report format knows this – I can get the most complex of data together for the report but it will never look “nice.” So, I’ve always needed help with that aspect and I figured I might as well pay the web designer to keep it all up-to-date for me. (e.g., my customers know not to tell me to “pretty it up” but to say “move the title ten characters to the left and get rid of the bright green font color”).

A Boring Story About Me That Only a Few Will Get a Chuckle Out of
Here’s a story that those of you who know me will probably understand all too well:  I created a dashboard for iVention’s iLES product for Doug Holbrook of iVention US.  He and I had been talking about a potential market for the product and we thought an example dashboard of the potential workflow would help sell it to customers. He appreciated that I took the time to do it and thanked me (he’s such a nice person, really, I can’t describe what a positive person he is!). But, and knowing that I appreciate constructive criticism, he suggested that, next time, it might be easier if I used the drawing tool to create it. Here’s the rest of the conversion:

Me:     Yup, I did use the drawing tool to create this.
Doug: Ummm… (the short version of “And it’s still terribly hideous, anyway?!?!?! Yowza!!!!!)

In my defense, I’m a “computer programmer” not a “computer artist.”  😉

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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