Many Congrats on My Work Anniversary – The Irony

From leaving my business listed in my LinkedIn profile as current, many kind people have congratulated me for my 21-year anniversary at GeoMetrick Enterprises, last month. It seems a bit sad receiving all these good wishes when I’m no longer really involved with this.

Surprisingly, I still keep involved with all this more than I thought I would. People still contact me to ask for advice, tell me the latest news, and chew the fat a bit (mostly throught e-mail, though, because no-one uses the phone, any more).

It’s a strange feeling being between these two worlds – one where there is all this news and information going on and another where it’s just entirely unrelated to anything I’m doing. The other day, someone asked me whether it really made sense to try to give up my business when I’ve got so much experience and contact with the industry. My answer is this: if what people were calling me for was more related to doing consulting work for them, then keeping the business truly active would have been a good idea.

However, to keep it going so that I can give lots of free advice and chat with people isn’t a cost-effective practice. Now, as usual, I’ll add that I don’t mind giving a little free advice, here and there. I always did feel it kept people feeling relaxed about contacting me and sharing news with me. I don’t begrudge helping people out, now and again. But, as I’ve said, before, when it comes time to actually busy services, they go to the big companies. While the free advice wasn’t meant to be a tit-for-tat situation where I’d specifically receive something back for each bit of advice, when you look at it as a whole and, after getting advice from me, they still end up with a competitor, I was obviously doing something wrong. That’s the bottom line of all this. Unless I figure out what that “wrong” thing was, then there’s no point spending real time on the business.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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