For those of you who might try to link to the GeoMetrick Enterprises web-site today and throughout the week, I will warn you that I’m working on it. If it appears to change before your eyes, it is actually doing that.

Some of you might suggest I make the changes off-line then stage them. However, it’s such a small web-site and there’s nothing super-critical that would get broken on there, such as an on-line store. With that said, I’m going to work on this, live (but with a backup, of course).

If anyone needs information they think they should have been able to find but now cannot with the changes being made, just contact me, directly, and I’ll be glad to respond to questions.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

6 Thoughts to “Web-Site Warning”

  1. Suggest that you use a site theme that is mobile responsive like your blog. Your site is hard to read from my smartphone. Your blog is easy. I am in fact posting this comment from my phone.

    1. Thanks, John, that’s good to know. However, that theme (Harest) is a responsive theme. I just haven’t checked it against other formats. I’ve been working from my desktop screen and just trying to get the content into it. I’m probably a fairly long way from checking the formats. One exception is the screen that is really a PDF which I doubt will display, properly, but I didn’t want to spend the time to dig out the text to make it a “real” page.

      For anyone reading this who is new to tools like WordPress, I should add that they often have ways to switch views to mimic other screen sizes for development purposes because, when they are displaying, they are “responsive” to the screen being used in order to select the right size. It’s not like using a tool like the Android SDK emulator where you get a lot of choices, it’s just a few basic sizes, but it’s enough to get a good idea what things will look like.

      Another good tip I got, but privately, was to apply as much security as possible because there is such a great deal of hacking going on and attacks even to the smallest web-sites.

      So, to those of you who want to hack in (because you have nothing else to do – no samples to run or anything like that), it’s not meant to be any kind of challenge, but I actually do have some modest bits of security applied to my web-site.

  2. And, by the way, I had the responsive layout turned off. I just remembered to turn it back on, now that you mention the issue.

  3. When it comes to wordpress security, take a look at the wordfence plugin. It is a huge life saver. I use wordfence on my wordpress sites and also I use the Sucuri firewall service for all php sites. Infections are a major problem with WordPress. Your site will get hacked in order to use it as an attack platform for DDOS attacks and the spread of ransomware without your knowledge.

    1. WordFence is great. I’ve only been using it for a couple weeks but even the free version has a number of strong options.

      And just in time, it seems, because my hosting service was attacked just yesterday, I believe.

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