When I began this blog in 2009, I started it with the outonalims.wordpress.com link. Eventually, I purchased outonalims.com. However, both links were in operation until I moved the blog back in September. At that time, outonalims.wordpress.com became obsolete.

Being conservative about data migration, I left the old site up until I felt comfortable that I didn’t forget to move anything. At this point, I feel comfortable that everything has been moved. Plus, I do have the backups and exports in case anyone thinks I’m being a bit too casual about shutting the old site off.

I have just put in the request that outonalims.wordpress.com be deleted. Any links using this old site will soon be broken links and this is a warning that outonalims.com is the only one now operational.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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