Some companies will write, generically, by their company names. Others will tell the names of the people who write the articles. I use my name for these posts, not merely the generic “GeoMetrick Enterprises” and I have some reasons for that.

Companies don’t write articles, people write articles. Sometimes, they are written by committee for a company or written by individuals for a company, but they are always written by actual human beings. Personally, when I read the postings from larger companies, I don’t actually want to read every post and I find that, when they are using the names of the employees that are posting, that there are certain employees who are making posts that are relevant to what I want to read about and I possibly especially find their posts relevant to me over some of the others. Thus, I tend to develop the habit of watching for those specific people to post as a way to prioritize what I’m reading.

In addition, when an individual is responsible for writing something and has their name on it, they have accountability. In a professional setting, we should expect everyone to be accountable for what they write. I’m not suggesting people such as whistleblowers have to be identified but, for the most part, if someone has an opinion, making them accountable for it tempers what they say and helps keep them accountable for it.

Also, there are a lot of people who know who I am. Whether people specifically call me up or call GeoMetrick Enterprises, either way, I’m glad to hear about new business. I work to create brand identity just as any other company does and I’ll do it pretty much using any brand I have in my brand corral (is “brand corral” a phrase, yet? if not, I just created it  😉   ). In any case, I own GeoMetrick Enterprises, so whatever I write applies to the entire company. I don’t have to worry about making statements about how my opinions don’t reflect on the rest of the company because, actually, the do reflect on the rest of the company.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

One Thought to “Why I Write Under my Own Name”

  1. I agree completely with that sentiment. A company is only as good as the people that make it up. In my company, I am the face of the company. We have nearly 50 staff folks doing work for our clients and in R&D and frankly I do not want them to spend time on writing as that is my job. My job is to promote our industry and my company and I feel that is the duty of every CEO of a company. They do not do real work, they do that which promotes, protects and enhances the value of the company. This is harder for you Gloria, I suspect, because you have to do both functions.

    Just my opinion.

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