Just as many businesses like to do, I try to watch the trends to get an idea how to plan out my year. 2018 is no different.

Last year, customers seemed so intent on staying with the largest consulting firms that it seemed a good year to give up my business and here’s the post that made me realize 2017 wasn’t going to be the year for small business, as least not for my small business: “Safety” is the 2017 Word of the Year

As you know or have guessed, that didn’t last and I’m back to consulting. This year seems to be taking an entirely different direction. There seems to be two main trends to the types of contacts I’m getting from potential customers:

  • Lost Their LIMS Admin and Need Coverage: While the start of a new year might seem like a good time to switch jobs, I’m not seeing job postings for LIMS Admins for the new year as I did in previous years. One possibility is that companies didn’t wait to post and their LIMS Admins are starting around the new year. That would explain the unusually high number of contacts I’m getting from companies who have lost their LIMS Admin, are working to replace that person, and need someone to cover (or help cover if they have multiple but extremely stretched admins) that work for the interim.
  • Their Software Vendor or Other Large Consulting Firm Can’t Get the Project Done:  Some customers are realizing that going with the software vendor for the entire project or going with the biggest firm that guarantees it can staff the entire project doesn’t guarantee success. Sometimes, it means a revolving door of people, many who might not have much experience, and a lack of focus and attention to the customer’s project. In the end, whatever the potential finish date might have been, it’s not the reality and too much work is either still left undone and/or just not close to correct to be close to meeting that initial finish date.

In the end, what it sometimes takes to handle the load of work left undone is to find one strong resource over a multitude of resources that are going to be rotated off the project too soon or don’t have enough experience or the right attitude to make progress.

In any case, one conversation I’d had with a company who had realized they need to take charge and make sure their project gets finished, but the conversation we had revolved around having a strong project manager, keeping track of what’s not finished or what the outstanding issues are, and managing them to ensure they’re all handled. This is important as well as getting the resource to do the work.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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