This Summer, GeoMetrick Enterprises will be moving its offices, yet again, and the planning for this made me think how much has changed since I first began thinking about all the issues of running my business, moving, and related issues.

Keeping My Customers

There will always be someone who will be upset for the customers I’m leaving behind. To whomever is about to have that thought and write to me, while it’s kind of you to be so concerned for them, I have no local customers for whom to be concerned. So, please put your mind at rest on the issue.

My customers in the rest of the world probably won’t see the effect of the move and most will forget when the move will be and, once it’s past, when it actually happened – that’s how little they’ll feel affected by it.


When I began my business, there was less connectivity. These days, all my customers have VPN access. When I began, some had dial-up and it truly was not every customer the same way in which every customer I have, these days, has VPN. And, that is not to say every customer in the world has VPN but, those customers who want to work with people in other areas would have to have something like VPN setup or they’d have to find someone local to work on their system (or pay for people to travel to them).

While I can see performance differences in some of my customers’ setups, most of the VPNs I work through are reliable-enough and fast-enough to get the work done. Also, because I’m directly connected (rather than using my wireless), even with my broadband service, I rarely have downtime, myself.

So, from all sides of it, making and keeping strong and quick connections with customer systems has improved so much that it’s become a non-issue for me. These days, we do almost everything on-line, from chatting and phoning, to all the work. We’ve got such incredible streams of data going across that it’s amazing to think how much data ability we now have over even just several years ago, where we don’t hesitate to increase the data flow.

The Airport

In the past, I always looked at potential moves and included looking at how far the closest airport would be from my new office, as well as what type of service they provided. For the first time, I’m not giving the airport issue much weight, at all.

In this move, I’m seriously looking at the internet service, as I have in recent moves, but that is now the #1 issue for me in my considerations. And, in that, that is the #1 change compared to the first office I opened, where the airport was the #1 issue and connectivity wasn’t even “a thing,” yet.

The Usual

As usual, the web-site, e-mail and phone number won’t change. And, since the only people who care about the address are billable customers, no-one else will probably notice the change.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

One Thought to “Moving to Iowa and How Times Change”

  1. Brian Meadows

    You’re like the old pioneers, Gloria. Westward, ever westward…

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