I had announced that the GeoMetrick Enterprises office will be moving. Now, I’m fairly certain that the move date will be in early September. I have notified current customers. Unlike past office moves, this time, I plan to take off a week to make the move in a leisurely fashion. I will be giving more information on the exact week of the move at a later time. Obviously, ongoing customers have priority with me during that week. For anyone wishing to contact me about starting new work who contacts me, that week, I will probably put you off until the following week.

The office will be moving to Carroll, Iowa. “Why Carroll?” I’m asked. My response is, “Because Carroll uses Western Iowa Networks and has what sounds like a great fiber-optic network.” I’m skeptical that I’d be satisfied with DSL, for my office, and I definitely don’t want to get so far out that I have to use satellite internet.

One more tidbit for people who wonder about speed: I have all the computers I work with on a daily basis directly connected to the office network, not on wireless. That way, I rarely have downtime or problems. Those of us who program know how much setup we go through and, to have the system “blip” or entirely go down while we have half a dozen things open (database, file folders, a software program, etc…), it’s one thing to have that rarely happen. It’s another thing to have it happen a couple times a week or so. So, it’s just one more way in which I stay extremely productive and to keep my blood pressure down.  🙂

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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