Finally, GeoMetrick Enterprises has made its move to Carroll, Iowa, which now makes this the center of the LIMS universe (to us, that is!).

Wrong Perceptions Story

So, we all know that perceptions can be wrong, even in our projects. Here’s just an odd story about the building we’re now in to prove the point.

I thought that we’re now in a “Microsoft” building because there’s a stylized Microsoft icon on the front. Well, I was driving down the street the day after the movers dropped everything off and noticed yet another building with exactly the same design on the front – except the colors were different. Now, I’m starting to believe that this building’s design element is some kind of local design element, and that it was just by chance that it’s so similar to the Microsoft logo. I had thought the logo was added fairly recently but now realize it was probably part of the original building design from the 1930’s.

As with anything, we see something that we “recognize” and think we know what it is but, upon more experience with it, realize we’re seeing something different than what we thought. It’s a classic Business Analyst issue. Part of what we do is to learn processes and recognize similar patterns but, on occasion, that can lead us astray. It’s important to watch for those “false positives” in our recognition. As usual, it’s not knowing a lot of things that makes us great, it’s when we recognize what we don’t know that allows us to call ourselves experts.

Odds and Ends

Meanwhile, I’ll admit that I’m not 100% certain that I’ve found all the business contact areas to update, yet, so there might still be some with the previous Michigan address, but the telephone number, web-site, blog and e-mail remain the same, as they have in previous moves.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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  1. Betsy Brandon

    Congratulations on your move Gloria!

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