Today’s blog post was inspired by a search phrase that brought readers to this blog, which is “labware user manual save off line”. Today, we will discuss storing the LabWare LIMS User Manual, locally.

Yes, You Can

I saw that someone out there wants to have a local copy of their LabWare LIMS User Manual, maybe they generally mean the On-line Help, and that is a really common thing to do because it’s just faster to access it when it’s local. Here is more information about the LabWare LIMS.

In fact, even if you’re working with a local system on your own machine, you can still have the help files on that local machine, if you’re working off-line for development, for example.

First of all, every installation kit comes with a copy of the on-line Help. Except for the additional modules, it’s pretty complete. There are things that aren’t in there and things that aren’t completely explained but, for the most part, it’s pretty good.

So, what you do, is that you copy this from the installation folder to the local folder where you really want it, or even some shared network drive that you and your users can use. Then, you repoint your system to it.

At this point, this isn’t something I do, every day, would have to look up where you do this, and I’ll let you do that. Or, you can always as LabWare Support and they’ll quickly be able to help you. But it’s just a matter of changing the URL.

Specialty Modules – Not Part of LabWare LIMS User Manual

Specialty modules are different, though, because they won’t be included in the standard Help files. So, for example, the ELN has it’s own manuals. If you really meant to make those available, locally, here is the issue: when you download a module, download everything, which will include any manuals. Then, you just have it. If you don’t have it and you let your support and maintenance contract expire, then you’re just out of luck. You need to save these when you’re downloading modules just to make sure you always have them. If you do this, you can copy them to whatever system you’re working on or accessing.
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