I used to occasionally get involved with being a reference for articles that I did not write, myself. In past years, I’d involved with writing articles for periodicals, myself, as well as this blog. I thought it would be interesting to get involved with other areas where I have relevant expertise. After all, many of these do relate to issues in our own industry.

With that in-mind, I wanted to mention that I was recently quoted in “Is Coding the Right Career Path For You?” Within our industry, we often talk about who needs coding skills. Or, about what it should be used for. We discuss how much of it to do. These are basically all the same discussions any other industry has about it.

As such, some of of you wondering if you should pick up the coding skill. You might question whether it will help your career or whether it’s even the right choice for you. If so, you might want to read through this.

Of course, it won’t specifically mention LIMS Basic or VGL, or even Java or C#, for that matter. However, it will give you an idea of coding as a general skill and it’s marketability.