Today’s topic is actually not a written blog post but a podcast. This podcast’s topic is “Seven Initial Questions For Combining R&D and QC LIMS.”

Why Is This a Podcast Instead of a Written Blog Post?

I had wanted to create additional content for subscribers that would encourage people who read these blog posts in other social media platforms to become direct subscribers to this blog.

Even though there are automated links between some of the social media tools, they don’t always work. In addition, some day, some of those tools won’t be around. Thus, I wanted to find a way to encourage people to directly join this blog. Then, if I want to stop maintaining some of the external links or if those links go away, it won’t affect as many readers.

Today’s Podcast is Available to Everyone

Today’s podcast is available to everyone. I wanted to try it out and get all the kinks worked out of it, first. But future podcasts will only be available to e-mail subscribers.

Just to be clear, you only need to be an e-mail subscriber. There aren’t any logins or that type of thing. The podcasts won’t be “secured” behind a a login account, such as some training courses and other material might be. Instead, they’ll merely be “hidden.”

What About the WordPress Subscribers?

Some of the subscribers in the past were WordPress subscribers not e-mail subscribers. Right now, there are no WordPress subscriber members that did not convert to e-mail subscribers. If I see any WordPress subscribers in the future, I will address this issue, at that time.

Drumroll, Please

Here is the link to this first podcast. This audio file runs 2m 19s and was created with no special equipment:

Seven Initial Questions for Combining R&D and QC LIMS

To read the full blog post that this was taken from:

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