It’s during the times of crisis that we find out who our true leaders are. Our LIMS leaders stand out and, hopefully, you’re working for one of them.

The “Good” Boss

In something I wrote in the last six months, I spoke about leadership versus management. As part of that, some discussion came out regarding what it takes to be a “good” boss.

“Good” is a subjective term. It can be difficult to measure what it takes to be “good” as a boss. With that said, there are some qualities that most of us would like to see in our bosses.

LIMS Leaders Versus LIMS Managers

People who organize us are our “managers.” People who take us and our group to the best level we can be at are our “leaders.” In some cases, there are people who are both of these to us.

What Brings This Up

During these times of crisis, a lot seems unsettled. As such, people worry about their health. Thus, many people look to their employers for guidance. As such, you won’t be surprised to find out that I’ve spoken with quite a number of people about their own experiences with this.

The great part about this is that most people seem to work for organizations and bosses who have been able to make decisions, plan ahead, and give enough information to their employees to help sooth some of the feelings of fear that many people have had.

But Not Everyone

However, this is not true for everyone I spoke to.

On the other hand, for many people who didn’t think they worked for a very good place or doubted the ability of their boss to manage in times of crisis, they’re finding it’s not nearly as bad as they’d feared. And, in fact, they don’t work for the worst place, after all.

This is a terrible way to find this out. However, when the crisis is over, hopefully everyone involved realizes that the big issues can be faced, together. Also, that it can affect the way they deal with the lesser issues – the things they USED to think of as crises. Those issues will hopefully seem more manageable.

But for those who really don’t work in places that have given them guidance or hope, the rest of us will be thinking about you and hoping you have the best outcome, possible.

LIMS Leadership and Crisis

The managers who currently seem overwhelmed were previously overwhelmed by much smaller issues. These people possibly weren’t meant to be leaders, at all. At the least, they need leadership training to prepare them better.