This is almost the last post for this blog. There will be at least one more post past this. Read more to find out the details.

This Blog’s Readership Are the Best Readers, Anywhere!

I’m shutting my business down. As the owner and, currently, the only member of this business, there will be no-one left to blog.

In a way, with strong readership numbers, I wondered whether I should keep blogging. However, I don’t think I want to spend the time on it. I’m taking an FTE (full-time employee) type of job and will be busy with that transition. Plus, it wouldn’t be appropriate. In addition, I already started committing my time to other activities.

I want to thank all my readers for so many kind thoughts and words. Many of you write directly to me rather than adding comments or “likes” that the public can see so you don’t realize how many thoughtful people there really are out there. I should tell you there are quite a lot of them.

It’s kind of a frequent thing that one person or another will write to me to tell me how much my blog means to them, how much they appreciate it and how much they learn from it. Occasionally, people also tell me how much I speak for them. If you remember the Lorax, I feel like “I am the Lorax and I speak for the trees!.” I’m glad to know I spoke for so many people out there.

Why This Blog is Going Away

I’ve decided to go out on a high note. With that said, my time is finished, here. Here are some basic thoughts on shutting my business down and moving on:

  • I’ve done everything I can think of to do with my business plus more. I’ve written for all the magazines, been on the advisory board for conferences and software vendors, been a media sponsor, conference chair and won awards. Also, I’ve worked with a wide variety of customer industries, plus had a number of software vendors as customers.
  • I’ve worked with all the major LIMS brands except for one, plus many smaller brands.
  • As consulting has changed, over the years, I find myself spending more and more time marketing in order to get more but smaller blocks of work in order to fill my time. In essence, I’ve become a Marketing person almost as much as anything else. The amount of time I spend on it has gotten out of hand, in my opinion.
  • You might think I’ll miss blogging, basically giving my unsolicited opinion whenever I want to. However, I guarantee you that I’ve written on every topic I wanted to, and multiple times in many cases.

So, with all that said, I’m getting a chance to work in an industry I haven’t yet worked with. AND…I’m finally getting to work on the very last of the “big” LIMS products. My list will be complete!

Why This Isn’t Quite the Final Post

I have several final commitments, one of which is coming up, later in the year. I need to leave the web-site and blog operational for that. So, watch this space!

Another Reason Why The Web-Site Will Remain Running Despite the Lack of New Blog Posts

At this point, there is a lot of information on this web-site. There are many of these blog posts, it has articles and such in the Resources page, and there is other useful information on this web-site. If you think there’s anything you’ve missed or that might be useful to you, here’s your chance. While the site is still up, come and read to your heart’s content!

Otherwise, you’ll notice that there’s a page on the Home page of this web-site stating that we’re not taking new customers. A few of you will point-out that I could just keep the business running and do some work on the side. But, no, I’m not doing that. I’m not keeping all that insurance you all need me to have, I’m not re-registering my business when I move to my new job’s location, and I’m not going to try to fit it in. All current customer work is now finished or passed to other companies. Plus, I came up with plenty of uses for that extra time I now have now that I’m no longer doing the marketing. I’ve already filled that time. In fact, I fear I might be too busy to take on my new position! 😉

A Few Last Details

Warning: I’m no longer fixing the broken links. If you see something you want and it’s no longer available at its original link, let me know and I’ll just send it to you.

Notice: Somewhere at the end of 2020, probably around mid-December, I’m also going to stop paying hosting and domain fees – this site will then become inactive.

Where I’m Going: I’m not going to announce where I’m going until my start date, which is August 24th, 2020. It’s not official until I start, but I’ll add it to my LinkedIn profile once the official day comes. In the mean time, I’m going to work at shutting the business down and a variety of other things.

6 Thoughts to “Almost the Last Post”

  1. Betsy Brandon

    I will miss these posts! I think of all the different desks I was sitting in when reading them. Very much appreciate your in depth insight into the world of LIMS, ELN/LES over the years.

    1. Thanks, Betsy. And now you’ve got me thinking of all the different offices I’ve worked in, over the years, too. Thank you for the kind words!

  2. Brian Meadows

    Best of luck on your return to the permie world, Gloria! Yet another westward house move? 🙂

    1. Thanks, Brian. No, I’m circling back a little, going directly East.

  3. Lenin Raj Kumar

    It’s very sad to know that this post would be your last one! We wish to know more about the Lab informatics but it’s not going to happen anymore. Please keep sharing the information in your LinkedIn at the least.

    Thanks for sharing very useful insights about LIMS! We will miss the quality of the contents!

    My best wishes to your new role and all the success in your job!

    Thanks again!

    1. I really do appreciate how much you and many others found value in my writings.

      But, seriously, there are two types of topics. There are the topics that really don’t change that much, like requirement gathering and leadership. Those, I’ve written about so many times that people can find them already in the blog. The other type are the topical issues, such as dealing with the digital revolution, new technology, and other changes in the industry. I’m not going to write about those, either, because I’m not going to be following those. I’m not going to be working as an industry person, any longer and I’m now busy with other things.

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