For those of you who are in LinkedIn and wondered why I started the LIMS/Laboratory Informatics group there, here’s some history and general thoughts about it. In order to keep this blog post from becoming huge, I’m going to do this in parts. In this part, I’ll give some history and talk about what I’m trying to achieve with the LIMS/Laboratory Informatics group. 


One day, I was looking around the LinkedIn groups and noticed there were no groups for LIMS, ELNs, or for Laboratory Informatics, in general. I thought about creating a LIMS group, but made it general for two reasons:

  1. I suspected that there weren’t enough people in each specific area that would join and make the group active.
  2. The work between the systems in so interconnected and there’s so much overlap, that it’s useful to have us all together to discuss things.

So, I created it so that we would all have a place to “meet” within LinkedIn.

Goals and Desires

Years before I did this, I’d always thought it would be useful to have one place we could all call our own. We don’t have any true professional group. Unlike the chemists, the project managers, and others who have professional groups where they can look for information and can find others to talk to and meet with, we don’t have a LIMS or an ELN or a Laboratory Informatics professional group.

Additionally, customers and others I’ve met have also said that they wish there was some de facto place that we could count on going to where everyone would be, and that that would be the place where you could go for all your needs. Sometimes, people who were new to the industry told me they found it confusing to figure out where to go for information.

Also, as I spend so much time either working by myself or on project work, I specifically look for communities to be active in, partly to remain up-to-date on what’s going on in our industry, partly to be part of a larger community – to be part of something. I was quite active in the LIMS List discussion group when it was active, and seriously miss the old LIMS conferences.

So, I created this group in LinkedIn hoping it would become that place in LinkedIn – where we’d all congregate. But now knowing that LinkedIn is by far the largest professional networking group, began to hope that this area will be THE place for us to congregate.

Even beyond that, I’ve started to realize this is our professional group. Even though it has a loose structure, this is our place to get information and congregate with people.

From the beginning, I’ve hoped that this group would spark people to get excited about knowing each other and to meet each other in-person in their own areas. As we speak, the Boston group has been doing exactly that since February 2009. I’m hoping that as the group grows more of these little groups will pop-up around the world.

Gloria Metrick, GeoMetrick Enterprises,

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